At Caltech

CMS/ACM/IDS 107: Linear Analysis with Applications. Fall 2021-2022. Head Teaching Assistant.

CMS/ACM/IDS 107: Linear Analysis with Applications. Fall 2020-2021. Teaching Assistant.

A 12 unit introductory graduate course on linear functional analysis.

Instructor: Prof. Andrew M. Stuart

Course Description: Covers the basic algebraic, geometric, and topological properties of normed linear spaces, inner product spaces, and linear maps. Emphasis is placed both on rigorous mathematical development and on applications to control theory, data analysis, and partial differential equations.

At Oklahoma State

MATH 2144: Calculus I. Spring 2015-2016. Teaching Assistant.

MATH 2144: Calculus I. Fall 2015-2016. Teaching Assistant.

A 4 credit hour (equiv. 12 unit) first course in calculus with a "laboratory" component (CLEAR Calculus) designed to complement traditional instruction.

Instructor: Prof. Michael Oehrtman

Course Description: An introduction to derivatives, integrals, and their applications.